Regsys Website

Regsys WebsiteWebsite RegSys – this is intracorporate resource, whose target audience are stores marketing departments. It is designed for centralized storage and processing of statistics data about the visitors flow.
Web site is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet and allows you to quickly and easily obtain data on attendance of interest in the store as a text (report as a table) or in graphical form (figure).

Work with the site begins with the user’s authorization to provide confidentiality of information about the statistics of visits. Even when you are in another city or country, you can find statistics of visits to your stores in just a few minutes.

Regsys WebsiteSite users have access to the user part of the site, which allows them to create reports, export data, and keep track of events associated with the operation of the equipment, such as the blocking of sensors, sensor off, switching on and off of the base station and so on. Regsys WebsiteUsers can also assign names to trade objects and group them.

Site administrators can create user accounts and assign a list of available trade objects to view for each user.

Reports module allows the user to get a report about statistics of visits. Report about the statistics can be presented in text and graphical form (diagrams). The user can select the diagram type (bar chart, graph, pie).

Automatic data export allows to use statistics data in other applications.

Interface languages:

  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • English
  • Polish

Types of reports:

  • The hours for the selected day
  • Averaging of hours for selected period
  • By days during the selected period
  • By months during the selected year
  • Quarterly for the selected year
  • Comparison by months for several years
  • Comparison of two intervals
  • Statistics comparison of several shops
  • Statistic comparison of several shops (by month for the selected year)
  • Statistic comparison of several shops (quarterly for the selected year)

Demo version: (user login: demoen, password: demoen)