People counting systems

People counting systems are designed to track the number of people passing through a certain passage per unit time. Usually counting system is installed at the entrance of a building, so that the total number of visitors can be recorded.

There are various reasons for counting people in organization.

Sales efficiency analysis

The use of people counting systems in the retail environment is necessary to calculate the percentage of a store’s visitors that makes purchases. This is the key indicator of a store’s performance. Analyzing the sales It’s important to understand how many people made sales and even more important to monitor the percentage of visitors did not make a purchase. If more people go without shopping, it’s necessary to find the reasons and eliminate them quickly.

Making a schedule for personnel

In commercial areas, as well as in other places of public service, the need for personnel is directly proportional to the number of visitors. Therefore, an accurate count of visitors is required to produce an appropriate schedule for employees.

Planning for service activities

Activities such as cleaning rooms or other technical work should be carried out during the minimum flow of visitors. Counter provides the necessary statistical information, which in this case is used to minimize the inconvenience of the organization and its customers.


For many organizations it is important to know the exact number of people which are currently inside the building, to carry out the evacuation promptly if necessary. Counter will allow to estimate the required volume of transport and other facilities, as well as to determine whether all people left the building.

Resource Usage Analysis

Many public organizations are counting before making a request for funding. In cases when the tickets are not sold, it is necessary to automate the counting.

Determination of marketing effectiveness

Shopping mall marketing professionals rely on visitor statistics to assess the effect of marketing activities. Often, shopping mall owners measure marketing effectiveness with sales. But lately there is a tendency to use visitor statistics to scientifically measure marketing effectiveness. Marketing metrics such as CPM (Cost Per Thousand) and SSF (Shoppers per Square Foot) are used for counting.

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