EN-100-CN people counter

EN-100-CNRegSys EN-100-CN – this is dual-direction people counting system which has a possibility of statistics data transferring through LAN, without connecting to a computer.

Exchange of information between the sensors and the base station is performed via RS-485. For data link used wire twisted pair (UTP-5). Communication line connected to the RJ-45 connectors on the receiver transmitter and base station. Feeding the whole system is carried out by an external power supply DC with 12-24 V voltage. Statistics are stored in a central database MySQL server. Statistics data transferring to the database is made via LAN. Further analysis and data processing proceeded by a dedicated website.

Базовая станция EN-100-CNThe base station – serves as the collection of data on visitor statistics from sensors connected to it and transmit the data directly into the central database. In case when there is no connection with data-base, base station can store statistics data in nonvolatile memory and send them when connection resumes.

Technical characteristics:

The number of sensors connected to the one base station up to 16
Time of the autonomous statistics storage 8 months (with one sensor connected)
Interface of sensor connection RS-485
The length of the cable to the sensor  to 400 m
Data transmission to the server Ethernet
Supply voltage from 9v to 24v
Color white

сенсорыHorizontal infrared sensors mounted on the entrance and / or exit of trading object. Sensors are ergonomically designed and provide a high level of reliability of the information.

Statistics data transferring periodicity from sensors to the base station is less than 20 sec., which minimizes the possibility of information loss in case of sudden power outage.

Technical characteristics:

Type infrared, horizontal
Count destination user defined
Protection against long overlap sound signal
The length of the cable to the base station  to 400 m
Number of sensors connected to one base station to 16
Interface for base station connection RS-485
Voltage from 9v to 24v
Color white
Size 102 x 54 x 30 mm